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Create - Design - Co-ordinate

Interior Quality has successfully achieved numerous objectives since its launch in October 2000. We strive to go after many more...

"It is my passion, at all times, to deliver the best service, with immaculate attention to detail and with superior follow through skills, in everything that I do".

"An awesome design is borne with an effective space plan, combine this with a knockout presentation and you have a winning recipe; testimony to the way I like to work and am able to successfully deliver!"

Belinda Hughes - Interior Designer, Projects Co-ordinator & Owner
Interior Quality is a Corporate Interior Design Consultancy able to deliver a complete turnkey solution for the valued client. It is our aim to provide the valued client with solutions to achieve a successful working environment customized to specific needs. We are specialists in creating functional spaces with a definite flair of individualized design creativity. We assess, survey, design, cost and manage the full installation ensuring that the client is able to focus on their own key business.


A Team of Excellence

Interior Quality has over the 20 years of working experience, built strong and reliable relationships with professionals in the industry – assuring that the project at hand is executed with the utmost excellence. With 20 years of project execution experience, we are also able to adapt to working with industry professionals other than the team with whom we already have experience, should the client have a team of reliable professionals. Interior Quality acts in the capacity of the Agent, on behalf of the client and not the Principal Agent. All work carried out is the responsibility of the appointed contractor.


Johannesburg's Calabash wasn't Built in a Flash

The number of revisions varies from client to client. The process of decision making varies from client to client. The nature of the build out and scope of work varies from client to client. All of these have an impact on the timing process. After a clear brief, timing indications can be established. Below is an indication of a timing process that can be indicative in general. A 2-week process for the Space Planning and Evaluation. A 2-week process for the Interior Design. A 2-week process for the Project Cost and Decision making. A 4-8 week process for the Installation and Execution.


Proudly Associated with

Interior Quality is a small, focused team, with a hands on approach – we manage our projects effectively and efficiently in order to assure our best attention at all times. The work flow is closely managed and monitored to ensure projects are efficiently overlapped in order to deliver effectively for the valued client. We have successfully achieved a long list of satisfied clients solely through a word-or-mouth approach over the past 20 years - to name but a few;

Fee Structure

A Professional Service Rewarded

In principle, all time spent on a project is charged for at an hourly rate. There are alternative options regarding price and fee structure, such as a fixed rate, or a fee based on a percentage of the value of the project. We charge for a professional service, delivered with the highest level of integrity, which deserves reciprocation. Our expectation is for clients to honour our integrity and pay in full for our services.