Services Offered

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Follow the 8 steps of assistance that Interior Quality is able to offer

1. Identifying the Scope of Work

Taking a Brief

Feasibilities, surveys, interviews and evaluations are conducted to determined the likes of corporate image, growth projections, inter-departmental communications, size and style of workstation, screening, storage, seating, paper flow and filing requirements. From the aforementioned, a staff and space analysis is concluded, resulting in the tools to achieve the ultimate management of, and the most effective utilization, of space.

2. Evaluation and Budgets

Submitting a Proposal

Once the brief has been defined, the Professional Fee can be estimated in terms of expected hours. The proposal is structured as a budget approximation of time. Only time spent on a project is charged for. Time sheets are a daily tool and are used to bill accordingly.
Budgets for the project cost can be submitted. Although it can be short-sighted to budget something that has not fully been designed. Budgets are therefore based on a basic square meter rate, specific to trades that are anticipated at this early stage of the project.
Space Planning and Design need to be executed in order to determine actual costs. Should the project already have a budget – it needs to be made known in order to tailor make the design to suit the budget. Interior Quality have had experience with numerous projects where this is the case, achieving maximum yield for minimum spend.

3. Space Planning

Making Space Work

Workplace standards are identified and planning can commence. Every aspect of design and related services are included, such as furniture, electrical, voice and data, lighting, air-conditioning, security, signage, plants and art. All design drawings and details are prepared in AutoCAD 2022.

4. Interior Design

Brand Your Space

A design theme is created and presented, showing specific finishes and samples of all aspects, where possible. 3D renditions can be prepared. All custom designed joinery items are presented in detailed drawings.

5. Project Cost & Procurement

No Project is Too Big or Too Small

For each trade associated with the project, a full specification is prepared. Contractors are briefed in detail on site. Cost schedules and summaries are prepared detailing the costs for all aspects of the project. A tender process can be executed, resulting in more than one quote for specific trades, if required.

6. Project Co-ordination & Site Installation

Logistics is Key

An installation logistics schedule is drawn up, covering the running and timing of the project. This schedule details all trades and when these are to take place. The project is co-ordinated and managed on a daily basis until all items have been finalized.

7. Move Co-ordination

Settle In

Any relocation whether, from the existing premises to the new building or internal relocation necessary to facilitate the refurbishment, is co-ordinated and managed in conjunction with staff and the move contractor. This service is generally co-ordinated over a weekend to minimise disruption to normal working hours. The process involves move co-ordination meetings, move logistic schedules, client co-ordination and site co-ordination.

8. Post Move in

Tying Up Loose Ends

Interior Quality assists with any teething and settling in issues that may arise post move-in. All snags are managed and supervised, until satisfactory completion. All invoices are managed and processed in accordance with the scope of work.

The above outlines the complete A-Z turnkey solution which Interior Quality is able to successfully deliver for the valued client.